Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Atmosphere Conference, Cracow 18-19 May 2015

This is my brain dump from Atmosphere Conference in Cracow 18-19 May 2015
Only most important terms to memorize and google about.

JAMIE WINSORBuilding And Releasing A Massively Multiplayer Online Game A nice talk about caveats of game server internals and road of choosing right technology for online platform which is Erlang (elixir to be  precise), a video of the presentation is online

DUNCAN DAVIDSONWhat we've learned from writing dozens of polyglot micro services
Wunderlist jungle of polyglot micro services
Json over Http2
Json over amqp
Spot instances aws

MILEN DYANKOVMicroservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure!
Great presentation of refactoring Oracle demo EJB application into modular according to Uncle Bob`s "clean architecture" principles


PIOTR STAPP, MARCIN PRZEKOPDevOps in mBank - lesson learned 
Wcf connection (client-server)
Nuget CI
Splunk for log mgmt.


LEV POPOVService Operations Evolution at Spotify

KONRAD MALAWSKINeed for Async: In pursuit of scalable internet-scale applications
Concurrent 《 lock free 《 block free
CAS compare and set Blocked Queue lock free
ConcurrentLinkedQueue wait free

C10k 10000 concurrent connection problem of scalability - epool function in linux

Distributed systems:
- latency enhancement by backup requests
- avoided duplicate load by combined requests

 ANDRZEJ GRZESIKThe path to repeatable builds


TOMASZ NURKIEWICZHystrix – managing failures in distributed systems

Hystrix dashboard
Turbine for multiple instances monitoring and aggregating to single stream

KASZ SZYDLOEnabling Continuous Delivery    Book worth reading:

MARCIN BAZYDLOStrongly Typed Logs - Journeyman's story 

Kafka, Redis + ELS stack
Semantic logs
Elastic search depends on Lucene schema, version is important in the logs cause db supports many versions of the app throught lifespan
Zipco for distributed request tracing
Emaze - presentation editor

SETH VARGOThe 10 Myths of DevOps 
Google's April Fool's Day spot: Google Actual Cloud


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