Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Arduino LM35 termometer

In my previous post I described how to measure temperature with DS18B20 sensor. In this post I will show an alternative with LM35.

The source code with comments looks like this:
And the circuit like this (image borrowed from other interesting blog)

Additional explanation can be found in Arduino blog.

Arduino ds18b20 termometer

Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras

Recently I bought DS18B20 senson in waterproof sonda like that.
The purpose of it is to be able to measure water temerature in aquarium.
In broader scope I'd like to build in future a remote aquarium management kit with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, that would measure water parameters, record them and expose online, as well as manage light, feading, etc. remotely.

How to use DS18B20?

First you need to install 3rd party library of Dallas Temperature.
Download the zip from GitHub and extract in Arduino lib folder -
libraries can be installed as described here.
So i got:


I restart Arduino IDE and save program source:
Now lets connect circuit

The pullup resistor in most of tutorials is 4.7 KOhm but any from 2k to 5k should work. I tested my circuit with 4.9kOhm.