Sunday, October 1, 2017

39. PZU Warsaw Marathon

Somehow 3 years had to pass since my last marathon in Lodz in 2014.

This time I registered in the marathon very spontaneously for several reasons:

1. I wanted to remind myself how is it to attend a marathon, feel the atmosphere and cheer of viewers and to race with others

2. Last 3 months I had off work and sedentary lifestyle and I wanted to verify if it brought any positive effects on me and how it would affect my score in a marathon. During these months I have run a lot and long distances (20-30km) so the effect should be visible.

Indeed, this brought positive results and I've beaten my last record by 20min and finished with net time of 04:05:36

The weather also helped a bit. It was perfect for running: not too cold, not too hot, cloudy and a bit pluvial.

Of course, I have tracked it.

My condition was so good that on the last meters I could push more. I remember the previous marathon when my legs failed more after 35km and I have almost crawled to the finish.

Below are some photos to commemorate that day.