Monday, June 17, 2013

Startup Weekend Lodz 2013

First such event in Lodz, but not first in the history. People from different domais met this weekend in Lodz to put incredible ideas into life. Some came with their own ideas, others to meet people or hack codes. From all ideas finally 6 were chosen to form team upon:

Creative Learning ! Creative Learning is creating platform of educative and fun apps for kids. We offer you two options: 1) kid muting and absorbing apps (first to go!) & 2) kid-(grand)parent interaction app ( we'll "KISS" for your kid to stay focused & a granny be able to help!).
Fun, creative, educative and esthetic apps is all what Creative Learning is about - and all this in a set of apps that will become the kids apps legends ;).
If you want your kid to learn stuff in a fun way follow our FB page and website, help us test and expect our products on iTunes & GooglePlay soon!
- Creative Learning - SHAPES
- Creative Learning - LETTERS
- Creative Learning - NUMBERS
-Creative Learning - ANIMALS
and more!


allSpotted! - The team is about creating a mobile app for the facebook movement called "Spotted". It allows you to find again the person you have meet/seen but have no contact to. The app uses social traffic and GPS information.

Photo: allSpotted

Space Lawyer! Best Legal Services on-line in Poland. Everywhere, anytime!

Photo: Space Lawyer

ADS ON PETS! Ads on Pets - we provide brands with a new advertising channel. By giving pets lovers possibility for their animals to stand out, we give them way to make money so they can spoil them even more. 


Video Pediatric Advice! Platform which allows pediatricans to give advices to patients via webcam.

Photo: Video Pediatric Advice

"Gamming for Cats and feed it"
Idea is quite simple. Cat plays iPad and gains points. When gained more than 100 points it' s given food. There is also idea for suture to increase food rate if cat burns more than 200 calories. 

Photo: Dzisiaj skończyliśmy prototyp urządzenia "Gamming for Cats and feed it"

Idea jest całkiem prosta, kot gra na Ipadzie, jeśli zdobędzie 100 punktów dostanie jedzenie.

W planach rozwoju jeśli przećwiczy 200 kkalori dostaje większą porcję !.

Aplus - learn Math Online. E-Learning system leading you through a path to Math proficiency.

Photo: Aplus - to jeden z pomysłów ze startup weekendu. Naucz się matematyki Online. Kamil Kamiński odpowie na wszystkie Wasze pytania z matmy ONLINE.

Finally Dominik is going to California with his Creative Cats and feeding device for them.

2nd prize - our team with
3rd prize  -  allSpotted and Video Pediatric Advice!